What is an Eye Emergency?

Eye emergencies include cuts, scratches, objects in the eye, burns, chemical exposure, and blunt injuries to the eye or eyelid. Eye pain can be categorized as either ocular pain (on the surface of the eye) or orbital pain (behind or in the eye.) both should be treated immediately. Since the eye is easily damaged, any of these conditions can lead to vision loss if left untreated. It is important to get medical attention for all major eye or eyelid injuries and problems.

Eye problems (such as a painful red eye) that are not due to injury still need urgent medical attention. The following four vision symptoms require immediate attention from a doctor:

1. You have sudden, unexplained loss of vision.

2. You have pain in or around your eyes.

3. You are experiencing flashing light or floating objects in your vision.

4. You slept in contacts and woke up with a painful, light sensitive, red eye.

How do I find an EmergenSEE Doctor?

To find a doctor participating in the EmergenSEE program, click a region of the stae below for a list of doctors.

Oklahoma City Metro Area

Within Sight - Chase Hunter, OD
775 W. Covell Road
Edmond, OK 73003
Phone: 405-348-3937

BVA Advanced Eye Care - Larry Henry OD
14701 N. Santa Fe
Edmond, OK 73003
Phone: 405-752-2733

Tulsa Metro Area

Harrel Eye Care - Monte Harrel, OD
4520 S. Harvard, Suite 135
Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: 918-745-9662 

Northwest Oklahoma Region

Guymon Vision Clinic - Tyler Boyd, OD
301 Northridge Circle
Guymon, OK 73942
Phone: 580-338-8437
Phone: 580-651-8559


Great Plains Vision Center - Jacoby Dewald, OD
1418 Main
Woodward, OK 73801
Phone: 580-259-6699
After Hour Phone: 580-254-1813 

Northeast Oklahoma Region

NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry
Alissa Proctor, OD

1001 N. Grand Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464
Daytime Phone: 918-458-2109
After Hours Phone: 918-931-7045 

Southwest Oklahoma Region

Ross Eye Clinic
Brandon Ross, OD & Laura England, OD
311 SW 9th Street
Lawton, OK 73501
Daytime Phone: 580-353-5090
After Hours Phone: 405-820-5317 or 615-478-3252 

Southeast Oklahoma Region

Barnes Vision Clinic - Elizabeth Cole, OD
1911 N. Commerce
Ardmore, OK 73401
Phone: 580-223-0055 

Will they take my insurance?

Yes, but patients are responsible for anything not covered by insurance. In addition, physicians may charge an after hours fee that is not covered by insurance.