Low Income Vision Clinics


Skyline Ministries- Call (405) 236-5212 and ask for Janis Love 

Eye exams are by appointment only for those who live in Oklahoma County and cannot otherwise afford an eye exam. The Eye Clinic is located in the building of Skyline Urban Ministry at 701 NW 8th St.Exams are free, and our frames are free. 

$35.00 charge for single-vision lenses and $55 for bifocal lenses (lined bifocals only) 

We can fill glasses percriptions from any county. No contacts, tints, or other specialties available 

**It can take up to 4 months to get a appointment 


Charity Eye Clinic - 701 NW 8th, Oklahoma City | 236-5212 (eye care & glasses) 

Community Action Agency - 1900 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 232-0199 (eye care & glasses) 

Community Vision Clinic - 3840 N Lincoln, Oklahoma City | 473-7430 (eye care & glasses) 

Lion's Eye Bank - 4123 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 947-6540 (eye care & glasses)  


Neighbor for Neighbor, Inc.- 918-425-5578 
1506 East 46th St., Tulsa, OK 74126 
Provides family assistance including eye care